‘I failed as a leader’: Asian Boss Founder Reveals Nearly Half of Remaining Employees Resigned

YouTube channel Asian Boss recently updated fans on the #SaveAsianBoss GoFundMe campaign with founder Stephen Park revealing further issues that the media company is facing. 

Despite the campaign’s massive success in raising over $750,000, Park revealed in a recent video that Asian Boss has not yet received the funds due to financial regulations in Korea and that nearly half of the remaining employees resigned as morale sank. He went on to accept full responsibility for what happened, claiming that he “pushed people too hard.” 


Park hopes to learn from his mistakes and is optimistic towards the future of Asian Boss. “We’re building a company that’s going to last over 300 years after I die,” he says.

He plans on slowing things down as he reorganizes the company infrastructure, letting his viewers know that video output won’t be as high.

Going forward, he encourages viewers to continue watching their videos to help support the channel, which has “Spread our vision of bridging social and cultural gaps all over the world.”

In January, the media company launched a crowdfunding campaign after announcing that they were “months away from running out of funds.” The company cited paying “little attention to monetization” as a factor to the crises and was forced to lay off 40% of their staff while having their remaining team take pay cuts.

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