Asian Americans Offer Some Thoughtful Advice to President Donald Trump

Asian Americans Offer Some Thoughtful Advice to President Donald Trump
Ryan General
February 3, 2017
Uncertainty is probably a word that can best describe how a great number of Asian Americans (and other minority groups) feel about Donald Trump’s presidency.
His rhetoric against countries he perceives as enemies has so far enabled a culture of racism, violence and hate towards minorities by some of his followers.
In an effort to put a stop on this trend, hopeful Asian Americans have come together to give some advice to the president on how he could better represent a more diverse America.
A video released by Asia Society featured over a dozen Asian Americans facing the camera and giving their messages to Trump.

“During two days of filming, the participants — who traced their ancestry to several different Asian countries — discussed a wide variety of specific topics, from LGBT rights, tension in the South China Sea, and climate change,” the group wrote.
Similar sentiments aired in the short video revealed a shared strong desire for President Trump to “govern on behalf of all Americans, particularly immigrants and religious minorities.”
Two weeks in after his inauguration on January 20 and Trump has more than shaken things up a bit as the new POTUS. He has made some major and minor changes to U.S. policy, most of them dealing with immigration, affecting millions of residents in the country.
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