Asian American Woman Pens Article Explaining Why She Loves Donald Trump

An Asian woman has explained why she’s supporting Donald Trump despite the Republican candidate’s controversial proposals, especially on immigration.
In an article published on Fox News, Ying Ma, a policy advisor, expressed excitement and support for Trump’s candidacy because she liked him and his stances.
Her opinion article goes by the headline “I’m Asian, a woman and a proud Trump ‘deplorable’” and begins with a narration of her background:
“I’m a woman, a racial minority, and an immigrant, and I grew up in inner-city America. I have two university degrees, one from Cornell University and another from Stanford Law School. I have worked for some of the most elite institutions in America, including a foreign policy organization that counts Chelsea and Bill Clinton among its members.”
The author of “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto” understood from common perspective:
“According to conventional wisdom, I have no business being a Trump supporter… Strangers and friends alike have wondered how a highly educated Chinese-American woman could possibly support a man widely condemned as racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic.”
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But Ma isn’t swayed. She recognized “key ingredients” that have made her successful in Trump, noting that the candidate’s story resonated with her own life as a “child of the ghetto”:
“It is not that complicated, really. I like the candidate and what he stands for, and I reject the caricature propagated by the mainstream media and his opponents.”
She is convinced that Trump will fight for Americans boldly, doing what Republicans and Democrats “have long been afraid to do.”
Ma eventually goes in detail to explain why Trump is her better bet, citing personal circumstances, social issues and the candidate’s ideologies.
However, she does not support everything:
“Despite all that I like about Trump, I have found his rhetoric and positions on trade to be most difficult to swallow… I do not support these positions, but I understand their appeal far better than most free traders who write and talk for a living.”
Trump is getting further behind Hillary Clinton in recent polls. With this, he warned a Florida crowd that electing the Democrat candidate would lead to ISIS taking over the United States.
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