Asian Americans the Largest Ethnic Group in UC Admissions Again This Year

UC diversity

Asian American students will still be the largest ethnic group in the University of California admissions as the system admits its largest and most diverse class of freshmen in Fall 2019.

This year’s freshman class is composed of 35% Asian American, 34% Latino, 22% Caucasian, and 5% African American, based on an official statement released by the UC.

The incoming Fall class will also welcome 991 more students from underrepresented groups, composed of 44% first-generation college students and 40% low-income students. The universities are also expecting the largest class from California Community Colleges. 

From a pool of 176,695 applicants, the system admitted 108,178 freshmen (71,665 of them were Californian) in addition to the 28,752 transfer students out of 41,282 applicants (26,700 were Californian transferees).

This year saw an increase of about 500 more freshman admissions and around 200 more transfer admissions than last year. 

“Yet another year of record-setting admissions underscores the tremendous interest in the world-class education at UC,” UC President Janet Napolitano was quoted as saying. “The best and the brightest young minds continue to make UC their university of choice.”

The significant increase of incoming freshmen and transfer applications comes at a time when the UC campuses experienced a large budget cut, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Despite the decrease in the budget, the UC maintains its plans to add additional 4,860 students in the next two years.

Featured image via Pixabay /  Bishnu Sarangi


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