Asian Americans Flood Twitter To Explain What #BeingAsian is REALLY Like

Asian-American netizens got together when #BeingAsian broke out in Twitter on Tuesday. The conversation, started by 17-year-old Michael Tarui, asked “what it’s like #BeingAsian and the racism that comes with it.”

As per NBC News, it all started from a group chat, with Tarui giving credits to user @shaiIIenes for the hashtag and @WowClouds for beginning their convo. Tarui told the outlet that the tag aimed to create solidarity among them (the youth). He explained:

“The tag was originally meant to discuss simply our experiences with racism, but because the tag was general we (the people in the group chat) decided that it would be okay to also use this tag to simply discuss what it is like being Asian – the racism, the culture, the pride, the shame, etc.”

It did not take long for the hashtag to become popular as Asian-Americans immediately jumped to share their stories. Most of them talked about stereotypes and culture:

But as @DianaDee16 points, #BeingAsian is about diversity:

Asians have recently made headlines for having the wealthiest millionaires in the world and for being the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States — but that’s not always good news.

Michael Wang, the Asian-American student who filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, is disappointed over the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in favor of affirmative action. He told Business Insider:

“I feel disappointed with the court and what they’re trying to do because I feel like they are just trying to avoid the issue of dealing with affirmative action right away.”

Wang had a perfect ACT score, 4.67 GPA, 2230 SAT score and 13 AP courses but failed to get into any of the seven Ivy League universities he applied to. He also competed in math, speech and debate contests.

He alleged that Yale, Stanford, and Princeton denied him admission because of his race. He presently attends Williams College.

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