89% of Asian Americans Support Protests After George Floyd’s Death, Poll Shows

89% of Asian Americans Support Protests After George Floyd’s Death, Poll Shows89% of Asian Americans Support Protests After George Floyd’s Death, Poll Shows
Most Asian Americans feel connected to Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, according to a new poll from global analytics firm Gallup.
Since George Floyd’s death in May, members of the Asian American community have voiced dissent toward police brutality and racial injustice. The group became a visible ally to African Americans, both in the streets and on social media.
The poll, which surveyed U.S. adults between June 23 and July 6, found that 73% of Asians feel connected to the ensuing protests — the highest among races other than Blacks (84%).
Meanwhile, 89% of Asians expressed support in such demonstrations (behind 92% of Blacks). Hispanics (70%) and Whites (59%) follow.
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Interestingly, Asians had the most participation (20%) in actual protests in the past 30 days, followed by Blacks (18%), Hispanics (13%) and Whites (10%).
Eighty-three percent of Asians also felt that the protests will help draw public support for racial justice and equality. Seventy percent of Blacks, 56% of Hispanics and 49% of Whites felt the same.
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The results appear to counter Asian Americans’ alleged lack of support toward the protests. In June, for one, the Boston-based Asian American Commission (AAC) noted the “deep roots of anti-Blackness within the AAPI community.”
“Asian Americans continue to benefit from the ‘model minority’ myth and our historic proximity to white privilege,” the commission said in a statement. “The fact that an AAPI police officer stood by while George Floyd was murdered is horrific and unacceptable.”
Earlier this month, a Vietnamese American entrepreneur claimed that he received threats from his own community after paying for a billboard that supported BLM.
“There’s been public calls for my lynching, within my own Vietnamese community – community that I love, a community that I have proudly served and helped build and help inspire future generations of young leaders,” said Lê Hoàng Nguyên, an insurance company owner.
However, some Asians have expressed direct opposition to BLM. Nicky Park, a model from South California, slammed the movement as “bulls***” and called the idea of Asians standing up for Blacks as the “stupidest thing” ever.
“It’s like people have forgotten about how Black people were treating Asians for COVID,” Park noted while denying racism. “I’m just upset at how it’s focused on one minority when sh*t was literally just happening to Asians for COVID but you don’t see us acting out like this.”
Read the full Gallup report here.
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