Asian Store Owner Violently Assaulted After Chasing Down Shoplifters

Asian Store Owner Violently Assaulted After Chasing Down Shoplifters
Ryan General
October 31, 2016
An Asian store owner in Westland, Michigan got violently assaulted on Tuesday night after he chased a group of women who stole a basket of unpaid items from his shop.
The elderly man, the owner of Amy’s Wig and Beauty, went after three women whom he accused of stealing hair and beauty supplies worth $600, reported Fox 2. The ensuing attack, which erupted when the owner caught up to the thieves in the parking lot, was captured on camera by a passerby.
The video showed the three women being joined by other women who got out of a U-Haul truck parked in the lot.
David Nan told Fox that his father ran after the thieves but got hurt in the process, sustaining bruises, scratches and even bite marks.
 “When my dad tried to catch them when he went outside, they hit him,” Nan said.
Security footage also revealed the young women entering the shop, picking up items and then suddenly bolting away with stolen goods.

Bystander Billy Morrow started recording the assault on the Asian store owner after his vehicle also got hit during the commotion.
“I was just over in the parking lot and that’s when I got involved. One of the girls hit my car and that’s when I got involved,” Morrow said.
Aside from capturing the violent attack, Morrow was also able to record the license plate number of the getaway U-Haul truck on video before it sped away.
The three suspects are now on the run as local authorities are investigating the incident.
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