One Video Perfectly Sums Up All the Crap Asian Americans Had to Deal With This Year

An independent production company just did a “mannequin challenge” video that’s sure to resonate with Asian Americans and everything they’ve had to deal with this year.
The video, which was just posted on YouTube, has a number of actors reenacting major issues Asian Americans have faced in 2016. These issues include Hollywood whitewashing, racial issues and politics.
“Asian power. Asian-American identity. Asian consciousness. Hollywood stereotypes of Asians, the whitewashing of Asian representation in the media and racist attacks are fought with peaceful demonstration and intelligence,” the creators wrote in the YouTube description.
Here are all the issues covered by order of appearance.
  1. Chris Rock at the Oscars making fun of Asians while talking about Oscars so white.
  2. Whitewashing in Dr. Strange — Tilda Swinton playing the Ancient One, a character who is Asian in the Dr. Strange comic books.
  3. Jesse Watters — Bill O’Reilly’s racist segment of Watter’s World in Chinatown.
  4. Mark Kirk calling out decorated veteran and now Senator-Elect Tammy Duckworth on not being “American enough”.
  5. Glamour Brasil staff posted a racist photo of staff bowing and mocking slanted eyes.
  6. Whitewashing in “Ghost in The Shell” — Scarlett Johannson playing “The Major”, a Japanese character in the manga comic books.
  7. Alan Yang (& Aziz Ansari) winning the Emmy Awards for the “Parents” episode of “Master of None”.
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