Racists are Refusing to See Asian American Doctors Because of Coronavirus

Renowned writer and public speaker Wajahat Ali recently took to Twitter to share his dismay over the attitudes of racist patients toward Asian American doctors.

As a medical professional in Washington, Ali’s wife, Sarah Kureshi, has witnessed prejudice inside American hospitals amid the COVID-19 scare.  

“My wife, a doctor, said some patients are refusing to see Asian American doctors due to #coronavirus. People, curb your fear & racism. It won’t help you or the country. Plus, you will be behaving like an ignorant a-hole. The virus, unlike us, doesn’t discriminate,” Ali wrote. 

Incidents of racial discrimination towards Asians in different parts of the world have become increasingly frequent since the COVID-19 outbreak made headlines earlier this year. Now, even medical professionals who are tasked with saving lives are not immune to such attacks.

Naturally, some Twitter users were aghast over the racist incidents:


Meanwhile, other commenters shared similar instances of racism towards doctors:

Feature Image via Wajahat Ali, Getty

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