Asian American Doctor Receives Death Threats After Kneeling to Fight White Supremacy

Dr. Eugene Gu, a general surgery resident physician at Vanderbilt University Hospital, has been receiving harsh criticism — even death threats — for his now viral photo of him taking a knee to stand in solidarity with NFL players in their fight against oppression of African-Americans.

Gu, who is also the CEO/president of a non-profit organization that studies congenital heart and kidney diseases, has consistently used Twitter as a platform to voice his beliefs; previously, he was banned by President Trump for his comments on the covfefe incident.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Gu stated that he found Trump’s words about the NFL players were “incredibly chilling”.

“Back then, he hemmed and hawed about condemning white supremacy. But now when black athletes engage in peaceful protest, he gives the most forceful and vulgar condemnation of his entire presidency,” he said.

Feeling the need to act, he decided that he, too, would take a knee in his workplace in a show of support with the “sons of bitches”.

“I had to do something so I took the knee on social media as my own form of peaceful protest and to show solidarity with the black athletes whom I admire for their courage,” Gu explained.

So, he took a knee.

And although he was praised for his support…

…he was overwhelmingly criticized, even harassed for his action.

And, after influential conservative figureheads like Ben Shapiro and Michelle Malkin spoke about him, he started receiving even more hateful comments — including physical violence and even death threats.

Gu told Buzzfeed that he believes the response to his stance showcases just how Asian-Americans are positioned against other POC when talking about race. “Asian-Americans are traditionally seen as being the silent model minority. We are often used as a wedge against other minorities. Our so-called success is held as a reason why there is supposedly no racism or injustice in this country.”

Despite the backlash he’s received, he’s stands by his #takeaknee post and is glad to see other Americans doing the same.

Feature Image via Twitter / eugenegu

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