Asian American Author Orders the Saddest Caesar Salad of All Time, Twitter Erupts

A tweet by New York Times bestselling author Celeste Ng went viral when she posted a photo of an underwhelming salad that she was served at a hotel in New Orleans.

Ng, the author of Everything I Never Told You, accompanied the picture with the caption, “This is not what I expected when I ordered a Caesar salad.

The tweet shows a head of lettuce held together by what appears to be a circular crouton reminiscent of a napkin ring, one Twitter user pointed out.

There was no cheese, but salad dressing in a ramekin was placed on the side.

The Massachusetts writer was on vacation in the Big Easy over the weekend with her two friends, according to BuzzFeed News.

That’s when the group decided to order some room service and it was all downhill from there.

The hotel they were staying at did not provide them with knives, so the group was forced to eat the sad looking salad using only forks and spoons.

My friend who opened it was like ‘was it supposed to look like this?’” Ng told BuzzFeed.

She added: “Maybe they were trying to be fancy. Maybe the foodie culture has gone too far.

Ng and her friends thought the salads were hilarious, but they decided to rip into it anyway. While Ng did not reveal where she was staying, she said the hotel was very old school and established.

The bizarre Caesar salad amused the Twitterverse:

Some were just angry  at the salad while other people had a more “WTF” response:

While Ng is glad that her order has received so much attention and made Twitter users laugh, she encouraged people to donate to “Cambridge Weekend Backpack,” a Boston program that gives public school students, who rely on school lunches, bags of food on the weekends.

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