Artist Reveals Who is Really Under the Masks of Famous Characters

Alex Solis, an artist living in Chicago, created a series of witty illustrations called “Icons Unmasked” that unveil the surprising and some not-so-surprising characters that disguise themselves as other pop culture icons.

The artist took on famous characters such as Grumpy Cat, played by Garfield; Big Bird, played by Tweety; and Peter Griffin, who is actually Homer Simpson.

Boo as Weeping Angel

E.T. as Alien

Sonic the Hedgehog as The Flash

Pikachu as Goku Super Saiyan

Garfield as Grumpy Cat

 Angry Bird as The Hulk

 Hand as Kermit the Frog

 Astro Boy as Mega Man

 Robin as Robin

 Fish as Aquaman

 Barney from the Flintstones as Barney the Dinosaur

 Bat as Batman

The Beast as Beast

 Tweety Bird as Big Bird

 Donald Duck as Daffy Duck

 Sub-zero as Elsa

Homer Simpson as Peter Griffin

h/t: Designtaxi
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