Artist Brilliantly Reimagines Star Wars Characters in Anime Form

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has officially launched and fans all over the world have been showering the film with generally positive feedback, citing its outstanding cast, engaging story, and memorable characters.

As a globally beloved epic space opera franchise, there has never been a shortage of Star Wars fan art created and shared over the decades of its existence. One interesting concept which has not been fully realized, however, is recreating the Star Wars universe in anime form. Wouldn’t it be pure awesomeness? Interesting as it may sound, the idea is simply too far fetched.

Fortunately, Twitter user @nohofrog at least has some ideas on how the Star Wars universe would look like in anime form, RocketNews24 reported. In fact, he has already given many Star Wars characters their anime makeovers and they are all awesome.

Check out the best ones below: 

Of course, no one should chalk actually having anime Star Wars as an impossibility. If there was a company which can make it happen, it’s definitely Disney.

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