People Are Offended After Instagrammer Names Kitten ‘Annyong’ from ‘Arrested Development’

An adorable little Instagram kitten was named Annyong, which is “hello” in Korean, but not everyone was amused.

Ronda Layne, who runs her rescue pit bull Zuca’s Instagram account in Portland, Oregon, named one of the kittens she volunteered to foster Annyong after the adopted Korean son of Lucille and George Bluth in the hit series “Arrested Development,” which returns to Netflix on May 29.

Here’s an introduction to Hel-loh “Annyong” Bluth:

However, the problem started when Layne posted a cute photo of the kitten on Instagram with the hashtag #ArrestedDevelopmentKittens.

Two Instagram users commented below the image to point out that the name Annoyong was annoying to them.

Layne slid into the users’ DMs apologizing if the post of the cute kitty offended them, but she would not be changing the name and advised the users to unfollow her.

One of the users replied, explaining why naming a cat “Annyong” could be offensive to some people or something.

It then appears that Layne deleted the users’ comments, which then prompted the second commenter to accuse the pet owner of “perpetuating cultural insensitivity.” Both called her ignorant.

The first user finally took Layne’s advice and unfollowed her “permanently.”

Now say hello to Annyong’s equally adorable brothers, Michael and Buster Bluth:

Featured Images via YouTube / (Left): vaaaht | Instagram / (Right): zucaskittens

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