Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star in Upcoming 3D Chinese Blockbuster Film

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest prominent Hollywood actor to star in a 3D blockbuster Chinese production. According to Xinhua, the upcoming film is set to combine “Hollywood technology and oriental culture,” which is set around the ancient Sanxingdui ruins located near Chengdu city in Sichuan province.

No plot details have been revealed yet for the film which is reportedly titled “The Guest of Sanxingdui”. Schwarzenegger however, was quoted as saying that the movie will be an “international story in order to introduce a global audience to the culture of Sanxingdui.” 

The mysterious Sanxingdui ruins believed to be the site of a major ancient Chinese city in what is now Sichuan, China. Experts believe that the site contains remnants of the Shu Kingdom which disappeared 3,000 years ago.

For his appreciation of ancient Chinese culture, the actor/producer of the upcoming flick has also become an ambassador of the prehistoric Sanxingdui ruins.

With a planned release of 2019, production of “The Guest of Sanxingdui” is scheduled to begin in March 2017 under the initial investment of $200 million. People’s Daily meanwhile reported (via Shanghaist) that James Cameron’s post-production team is being eyed to handle the finishing touches for the film.

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