Japan Invents the Perfect Device to Prevent Sweaty Armpits

With the intense summer heat outside, sweaty armpits may be unavoidable for some, especially for those who simply can’t be bothered by antiperspirant or deodorant products. It’s a good thing some Japanese geniuses have created an interesting alternative for the sweatier among us.
The “Under the Armpit Cooling Device” (Waki no Shita Kura in Japanese) is a portable armpit cooler created by a Japanese firm to keep underarms cool and dry all day even when doing outdoor activities, according to RocketNews24.
Developed by a company called Thanko,  the clip-on mini-air-conditioner attaches to a user’s sleeve and blasts streams of air to keep armpits dry.
The clips are powered by two AAA batteries or by a USB charger and produces at least five to nine hours of non-stop cooling effect, depending on use. The units also have three adjustable levels of air-blowing intensity.
While the  tiny machines are marketed to help circulate air into the user’s armpits, the clip-on coolers can also be strapped almost anywhere a user wishes to feel refreshed.
Thanko, which sells a variety of electronic cooling devices, sells the “Under the Armpit Cooling Device” for $38 a pair, making it is easy to grab a couple more for a more refreshing day under the sun.
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