Armless Woman Becomes an Online Sensation in China After Live-streaming Her Inspiring Life

An armless live-streamer is winning the hearts of many Chinese netizens for her inspirational life story and how she overcomes her condition.

Image via Weibo

Yang Li, who now has over 900,000 followers on Chinese social media, had a pretty severe high voltage wire accident when she was three, which resulted in her arms getting amputated, according to

Ever since her gruesome accident, she taught and trained herself how to use her feet to do things that normally requires both hands like putting on makeup, eating using chopsticks or even taking selfies, as translated by AsiaOne.

Though for the latter, she uses a special equipment where she mounts her phone around her neck.

In her videos, Li offers people a glimpse of what her daily life is like.

Other than live streaming, she also loves playing games and chatting with her friends through her mobile phone.

“A disabled person’s life can be quite simple and dull, but I can meet and make many friends through livestreams,” she said.

While she is getting a lot of recognition online, sadly, livestreaming is not really her main source of income. Reports from Chinese news outlets say that Li is currently working in administration.

Images via Weibo

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