Texas Cheerleader Performs Insane ‘Invisible’ Box Sorcery, Astounds Twitter

Meet Ariel Olivar.

via Twitter / ariel1220

She’s a cheerleader from Manvel High School in Manvel, Texas.

via Twitter / ariel1220

Recently, she’s gone viral on Twitter for her impressive ability to…well, just watch.

Did you see that? It’s like there was a box actually there, but

There’s even a part two!

Netizens couldn’t believe their eyes.

Others even tweeted videos of them attempting the same trick…

…but not everyone could recreate her level of greatness.

Most people, however, were just generally confused about how she could even perform such a trick.

Thanks to her gravity-defying feat, she’ll be featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America — catch her on TV tomorrow!

What do you think — did she blow your mind? Or can you do better? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image via Twitter / arielo1220

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