Argument Breaks Out Inside Restaurant After Mom Lets Her Son Pee in a Cup

A video showing a furious mother having an intense screaming battle with a man who called her out for letting her son pee on a restaurant tea cup has resurfaced on Chinese social media.

The incident took place early last year at a restaurant in Sceneway Plaza in Kowloon, Lam Tin, Hong Kong on May 19, 2017, according to the YouTube video posted by user Eric LO UK.

The man was horrified after he witnessed the mother instructing her son to pee in a restaurant cup, according to Knews, as translated by Shanghaiist.

After her son was done, the mother casually placed the cup back on the table.

The infuriated man notified the workers and made a scene, triggering an intense screaming battle between him and the furious mother.

During the confrontation, the mother told the man that it was none of his business to meddle, and threatened to call the police on him.

None of the customers or staff of the restaurant tried to do anything to intervene.

The woman’s husband eventually decided to move his family to another table on the opposite side of the restaurant to ease the tension between his wife and the angry patron.

A similar incident happened late last year when a mother was caught on camera scrolling through her phone as her son urinated into a bowl, and argued that the employees would clean the dishes anyway.

Image Screenshots via YouTube / Eric LO UK

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