Are You Brave Enough to Try This Bizarre Style of Sushi?


The greatest thing about sushi is the massive variety for foodies of all tastes. There are all kinds of raw fish, various fruits of the sea, as well as beef, but we bet there’s one kind you’ve never tried — horse meat sushi.

In the neighborhood of Ebisu in Shibuya, Japan, you won’t be able to miss the colorful rainbow of lights coming from Ebisu Yokocho, a food mall that has a wide variety of 21 different restaurants and bars.


“Inside, mouth-watering smells drift out of the numerous kitchens and mingle in the air with the laughter of customers sitting within an arm’s length of diners at different establishments.”

Venture all the way to the back and you’ll find the restaurant Nikuzushi, which translates to “meat sushi.” Here, they specialize in raw horse meat sushi.


The brave team at RocketNews24 gave horse meat sushi a try back in September. They ordered the chef’s recommendation that included back meat (nakaochi), lean meat (akami), belly meat (harami) and diced fatty meat with green onions wrapped in seaweed (negi toro).





“Each cut had its own unique charms, whether the chewy nakaochi, firm akami, subtle char of the seared harami, or flavorful kick of the negi toro. What they all shared, though, was an exquisite deliciousness, accented by the meat juices mixing with the warm vinegared rice.”

Surprisingly, the horse meat actually comes from Canada. The owner of Nikuzushi, a Mr. Nakamura, told RocketNews24 that Canadian horse meat is reasonably priced, leaner, less gamey and apparently goes really well with sushi rice.

If horse meat sushi isn’t your thing though, Nikuzushi also has great quality beef on their menu too.


“Seared by Nakamura right before our eyes, the 680-yen cut is one of the pricier items on the menu. Juicy and so tender it melts in your mouth, it’s definitely worth that much, if not more, though.”



So if you ever get tired of the same old spicy tuna or california rolls, would you be brave enough to ever try raw horse?

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