Apple Store Thieves Steal $16,000 Worth of iPhones With a Simple Trick

Two crafty thieves were able to sneak out several iPhones from an Apple store in New York just by wearing the store’s blue shirt uniform.
According to DNAInfo, one person dressed as an Apple store employee took off with 19 iPhones worth a total of $16,130 from Apple’s SoHo store with the help of an accomplice at about 5:30 p.m. last Wednesday.
The man in costume allegedly just strolled into the store’s electronics repair room, grabbed the expensive phones from a drawer and then passed them off to a partner. Apparently, taking the phones out of the repair room means that they were no longer tagged with sensors that send alarms to go off when passed through the security gate.
After the accomplice hid the Apple products under his shirt, the duo just casually walked out of the store together. The ballsy pair have not been identified and local authorities are still investigating the incident.
The large number of employees inside a typical Apple store makes it easy to blend in just by getting your own Apple store shirt. Just a quick shirt purchase from eBay will provide anyone an instant pass inside a store.
A similar stunt was done earlier this year at NYC Apple Stores where a group of thieves who also disguised themselves as Apple employees stole 59 iPhones.
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