Man Waits in Line For 68 HOURS For Apple Store’s Grand Opening in Taiwan

Apple finally opened the doors of its first official store in Taiwan to a swarm of customers on Saturday.

The first visitor, a 28-year-old U.S. tourist named Steve, lined up for an insane 68 hours — four hours short of three days — with a few other friends.

The store, located at the Taipei 101 shopping center, opened its curved, sliding glass doors at 11 a.m. to thousands of visitors eager to check out Apple products.

With a limited area of 1,320 square meters (14,208 square feet), the facility, manned by 130 employees, allowed 50 people to enter every three minutes.

According to Apple, customers started lining up on Friday night, but Steve was already in line since 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Steve apparently endured the hours so that he could get his MacBook repaired, Focus Taiwan reported. He wanted to know how much time it would take before it gets fixed.

The wait seems worth it, as 2,000 T-shirts were handed out to visitors.

There were also “Today at Apple” sessions where staff and customers discussed topics such as art, coding, design, music, photography and video.

See more of the grand opening (via iPhone for Taiwan):

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