TikTok Influencers Spark Outrage After ‘Stealing’ Dance Moves From K-Pop Group Apink

TikTok Influencers Spark Outrage After ‘Stealing’ Dance Moves From K-Pop Group Apink
Ryan General
April 29, 2020
A pair of popular TikTok users are being called out after viewers noticed an uncanny similarity in the moves they used in a dance challenge with choreography performed by K-pop group Apink.
Using a track called “Roses Remixed” by artist Saint Jhn, influencers @jazlynebaybee and @ashlynmarieprice uploaded a two-person dance video in each of their accounts.
In @ashlynmarieprice’s post, she called it a “sister challenge,” while tagging TikTok sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. The videos immediately went viral, gaining thousands of likes and comments from other users. 
K-pop fans, however, quickly spotted the dance steps they used looked similar to the choreography from Apink’s latest single, “Dumhdurum.”
Originally choreographed by studio Freemind for Apink, the dance moves for “Dumhdurum” were already a massive hit among K-pop fans.
Apink fans, who call themselves Pink Panda, called out the TikTok creators for copying their idols’ dance steps and not attributing the choreography to them. 
To add insult to injury, the immediate response they received from both creators were very dismissive, calling the fans TikTok cops” and telling them to also call out “everyone else who uses different songs to different dances and routine.”
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But as more fans called out the duo on Twitter, @jazlynebaybee eventually gave credit to the girl group by commenting in her own post, writing, “Thank you for the inspiration @official_apink2011 choreographed @fm_thai76 & @juice0425.” 
They also uploaded a new version of the dance, this time using “Dumhdurum” as the audio and crediting Apink in the description. 
@jazlynebaybee also addressed the issue via a TikTok livestream, in which she said that the dance was set to the sound that she and @ashlynmarieprice danced to when she first came across it on TikTok.
“I would have totally done it to their song, I just didn’t know it was to that song. When I saw it on TikTok, there was no credit, no nothing, I just thought it was an old clip,” she explained.
Freemind, which created the moves, did respond to one fan. While it did not feel “good” seeing the TikTok video, they will leave the corresponding actions to the company behind Apink as the rights of the choreography have been handed to them.
Play M Entertainment, the company behind Apink, and members of APink themselves have yet to make a public comment on the issue.
Feature Image via jazlynebaybee
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