K-Pop Star Mercilessly Humped By Dog While Owner Does Nothing

K-Pop Star Mercilessly Humped By Dog While Owner Does Nothing
Ryan General
By Ryan General
February 6, 2017
A video showing K-Pop superstar Mina getting some undivided attention and love from the dog of fellow AOA member Seolhyun has recently gone viral.
The unintentionally hilarious clip was from a live online broadcast via the web program “My Little Television” last Sunday.
The two girl group members were joined by dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook and Seolhyun’s dog Dungchee, in the special titled “Is Your Dog Happy?” And boy was that dog happy to see the adorable singer.
In the clip, it was impossible to not notice what Dungchee was up to while Kang Hyung Wook shared his useful training tips.
Showing an apparent obsession with Mina’s legs, Seolhyun’s dog kept following Mina. Wherever Dungchee catches her, it begins humping her leg. Throughout the video, Mina was seen amused by the incident. 
According to AllKPop, the netizens’ reactions were mixed, with some commenting in jest:
“Omg he’s so horny”, “The dog even knows Mina’s pretty hahaha”, “He must not be a dog..”
Others voiced out their concern, saying, “She must felt embarrassed..”, “Hul, I feel bad for Mina. I would’ve hit the dog and told him to go away if I were here”, “It must’ve been hard for Mina.”
The dog trainer was also criticized for advising Mina to hold still, with many saying, “He obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing”, “I thought he was professional but he must not be”, “The trainer is stupid. He should’ve yelled at the dog.”
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