Anti-Muslim Monks in Myanmar Really Like Donald Trump For Some Reason

Prominent Muslim-haters in Myanmar have expressed their love and support for Donald Trump following his recent victory in the United States presidential election.
Monk Ashin Wirathu, who is known for his hate-laden speeches against Muslims, has recently posted a four-line poem on Facebook in praise of the newly-elected president, according to Coconuts Yangon reported.
“Public security is the most important consideration/Donald Trump is the real leader/People love him so much/Nationalism is the priority,” he wrote in the post. “May US citizens be free from jihad. May the world be free of bloodshed,” he noted under the poem.
Wirathu, who is considered to be the “face of Buddhist terror” and the “Burmese Bin Laden,” is known in Myanmar for his ultra-nationalist, anti-Muslim sermons which have influenced a significant number of Myanmar citizens to go against the Rohingya minority in Rakhine State.
Members of the Rohingya group have, for many years, reportedly endured constant threats of violence and discrimination at the hands of their Buddhist neighbors.
Myanmar’s government has prevented investigations into human rights abuses such as rape in the northern Rakhine State following reports of attacks on border guard outposts by Rohingya militants.
The supposed attacks have some Buddhist nationalists believing that the Rohingya minority is on a terrorist offensive against the majority of Myanmar’s Buddhists.
The Arakan National Party, which currently holds 44 seats in Myanmar’s parliament, also thinks so.
In an open letter to Trump, ANP president Aye Maung expressed his support to the 45th POTUS.
“Being engulfed in Islamisation and illegal immigration problems, we the Arakanese (Rakhine) people look up to you as a new world leader who will change the rigged system being infested with jihadi infiltrators,” he wrote.
“We… hope your leadership will steer the US and the world into a safer place without radical Islamic terrorism.”
Ironically, while the party invoked turning the world into a “safer place,” ANP publications have released previous statements such as, “In order for a country’s survival…crimes against humanity or inhuman acts may be justifiably committed” and “We will go down in history as cowards if we pass on these [Rohingya] issues to the next generation without getting it over and done with.”
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