LA County reports 76% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in the past year

LA County reports 76% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in the past year
Maina Chen
October 21, 2021
Los Angeles County has reported a 76% growth in anti-Asian
The stats: On Wednesday, the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations (LACCHR) released a report documenting the increase to 44 recorded incidents in 2020 from 25 in 2019.
  • The data was compiled and analyzed from the L.A. County Sheriff’s department, over 40 city police departments, colleges, universities and trained community-based organizations.
  • The number of hate crimes is at its highest since 2001, which recorded 42 anti-Asian hate crimes and 38 additional crimes whose victims were South Asian after the events of 9/11.
  • Anti-Chinese slurs were used in 15 of the incidents (34%), anti-Japanese slurs were used in four (9%), anti-Indian slurs were used in three (7%) and anti-immigrant slurs were used in 11 (25%).
  • Victims were blamed for COVID-19 in 10 cases (23%).
  • While more men were targeted in the L.A. county area — amounting to 59% of the cases — female victims tripled from five to 15 in the last year.
  • A majority of the attackers also targeted older Asians. Half of the victims were over 40, which included two elderly.
  • Most incidents occurred in public spaces and businesses, and the hate crimes were mostly categorized as simple assaults and intimidation.
  • The report also detailed five separate incidents involving an unprovoked verbal attack, an assault, attempts at an assault, and vandalism of the victim’s property.
  • One hate crime detailed in the report involved a Japanese man who was confronted by  another man in a drugstore parking lot who repeatedly asked him, “Are you Asian?” Upon noticing the stranger was holding a large knife, which he used to slash at the air in circular motions, the fearful victim denied being Asian. The suspect then told the victim to remove his sunglasses so that he could inspect his eyes before attempting to stab him. The victim managed to escape on foot and contact the police. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the man and placed him under arrest for crimes including assault with a deadly weapon.
Since 1980, the LACCHR has compiled a report of hate crime data for its lengthier annual Hate Crime Report, which is expected to arrive next month.
Featured Image via Jason Leung
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