Asian American Man Stars in New Series Tackling Racism in the LGBTQ Community

A new show is set to take to the small screen three things that are rarely found on American television: 1. Asian American men in lead roles, 2. gay men in lead roles, and 3. the discrimination usually faced by gay Asian American men within the LGBTQ community.   

Shining a light on a subject that almost no one talks about, the upcoming series titled “Before I Got Famous” will make its debut on August 25 on Revry, the world’s first global digital streaming platform for the LGBTQ+.

According to Queerty, actor Anthony Ma will be playing the role of Alex, a good-looking Asian American who chases a dream to become a star in Hollywood.

The series arc of the new show will delve on Alex’ journey, as he learns the challenges Asians usually encounter in Hollywood and racism gay Asian men sometimes face among the LGBTQ.

“It is a comical inside look at the gay dating scene, acting as an Asian against race stereotypes, and general hilarity,” the show’s blurb on Outfest stated. “The show pushes diversity, directly marketable to their demographic.”

Other cast members of the show include Leann Lei, Tiago Ferreira, and Camille Wormser. Alexandre Chen and Lee Chen also star as Alex’ parents.

“Before I Got Famous”, which was created by Vasco Xu and Giovanna Sarquis and written by Q. Allan Brocka and Marc Muszynski, had previously been shown at the LGBT+ film festival Outfest last July 15. 

The ten-part series will also be available via Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

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