Australian Man Gets New Driver’s License With One Big Problem…

Australian Man Gets New Driver’s License With One Big Problem…Australian Man Gets New Driver’s License With One Big Problem…
Ryan General
December 14, 2017
Australian Anthony Kilsby recently took to Twitter to express his surprise upon receiving a new driver’s license bearing a face he does not own or recognize.
The bewildered “36 year-old Caucasian male with dreadlocks” from Victoria, Australia has been sent a licence which he said he didn’t order.
According to Kilsby, the license arrived on his mailbox with all his correct details on it, except the photo, which oddly shows the face of an Asian woman.
On his tweet, he asked local transportation agency VicRoads to explain the error.
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“I’m a 36-year-old Caucasian male with dreadlocks and did not request a new licence,” he wrote. “Can you explain this one to me VicRoads?”

In an interview with 3AW,  Kilsby noted that apart from the photo, all the details on the license are his.
‘I’m male, 6’3’, got about a foot and a half of blondey-brown dreadlocks and blue eyes,” he was quoted as saying.
He explained that he tweeted about the incident after he was on hold for too long while trying to contact VicRoads by phone on Wednesday.
“I eventually heard back from them but just to say they’d look into it.”
VicRoads then replied to Kilsby’s tweet, explaining that it appeared like “there’s a case of mistaken identity”.
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“As a result of a processing error at one of our customer service centers, an incorrect photo was matched to the wrong customer’s file,” VicRoads executive director, registration and licensing David Shelton told MailOnline.
“We have spoken to both customers to apologize and have reviewed their files to ensure they are matched with the correct photos and taken action to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”
Feature image via Twitter/Anthony Kilsby
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