Another Korean Girl Viciously Beaten, Sexually Harassed By School Bullies in Viral Incident

Another Korean Girl Viciously Beaten, Sexually Harassed By School Bullies in Viral Incident
Carl Samson
September 11, 2017
Just a few days after the brutal bullying of a 14-year-old girl in Busan, South Korea, went viral, another teenager’s similar story comes forward and sparks discussion in local social media.
Lee Haneul’s story is brought to light by her older sister, Hanna, who could no longer stand the bullies’ “lack of remorse” and “proud attitudes.”
In her account that has now gone viral on Facebook, the concerned sister shared (translation via Koreaboo):

“The incident happened two months ago on July 17, where my little sister and the bullies went to drink alcohol at Gangreung’s Kyungpo Beach at 3 A.M.

“While drinking with them, ‘A’ and my sister said they had some issues to talk about and that they would be back after talking 1 on 1, so they told their 5 other friends not to follow them, but they did anyway.

“During their conversation, ‘A’ got emotional from the alcohol and hit my sister first.

“But right afterwards, the two apologized to each other and resolved the issue, but the other five students told A to move and said that they had some issues with my sister, so they started venting their frustrations onto her too.

“‘A’ had already gone home at that point, and before she left, she told the other 5 to be gentle.

“That was the starting point of the incident.”

Hanna went on to describe the gruesome events that followed:

“The five remaining bullies moved locations several times, all while physically hitting my sister, spitting on her face, cursing at her, stealing her phone and wallet, then hiding it in the sand.

“As soon as day broke, they took her to one of the students’ studios and continuously attacked her, and they even video called an older guy and showed him the attack.

“They then shot a video and shared it in their group chat, and took photos and shared them too.

“Also, they brought scissors and threatened her with it, telling her that if she reported them, they would kill me.

“They also tried to undress her and make derogatory sexual jokes.

“Like this, my sister was attacked for 7 hours.

“The next day, ‘A’ saw the photos of my beaten up sister and saw how severe it was, so she skipped school and went to the house, but saw them drinking alcohol and attacking her again, so she brought some porridge and tried feeding it to my sister, but the other kids said ‘Why would you give her that, what a waste of money’ and said she should give it to them instead.

“They also looked at my sister’s face and said ‘Ew look at her face, how disgusting’.

“After that, they planned to go to the beach, but ‘A’ said she’ll take my sister home, but the bully next to her said, ‘If she goes home, she’s going to report us, so let’s just tie her up in the bathroom’.

“The other bullies dissuaded them from doing that, and I’m not sure if it’s because my sister was scared to come home, but she told ‘A’ that she’ll rest underneath the parasols and went to Namae Beach.

“There, my sister lost consciousness and stopped breathing, to which my friend who works there found her, called the ambulance, and reported the bullies to the police.

“The main reason I’m so angry is that they did all of this but they don’t feel any guilt or remorse, in that they’re still sharing photos of them drinking alcohol to their Facebooks and acting like nothing happened.

“They called my friend and cursed at her too, and sent me threatening messages.

“They’ve also been telling others that they hit my sister because she did something wrong.”

It turns out that the victim’s family reported the incident to authorities on July 18. Unfortunately, investigations only stalled until the Busan case erupted.
Hanna, who also apologized for her sister’s underage drinking, added that the latter is now receiving psychiatric treatment after her ordeal.
The story, posted on Facebook through a community page, has received at least 133,000 reactions and 32,000 comments as of this writing. It has also been shared more than 5,000 times.
As soon as it went viral, the bullies, however, gathered to “match up” their stories, according to an anonymous tipster:
“Excuse me.. I’m contacting you in regards to that incident but one of the bullies is my friend’s cousin, and they’re all meeting together to match up their stories, and I thought I should let you know.” – Tipster
The group’s chat messages revealed their plan to turn events in their favor. “We can report her too… It’s all going to pass. Later it’ll just get buried. I’m going to request for compensation in psychological damage,” one wrote.
Another thought, Wow I’m going to get so many followers and become a Facebook star.”
Shortly, Sung Min-ji, one of the bullies, conjured an “apology” that only sparked more outrage among netizens. She admitted that they indeed beat Haneul, but claimed that the issues they had with her justify their actions.
According to Min-ji, she told Haneul about her abortion secretly in the past, but the latter spilled it to friends:
For now, Hanna hopes that her sister’s plight, along with the Busan case, abolishes the part of Korea’s Juvenile Protection Act that saves offenders below the age of 18 from harsh punishments.
Authorities are reportedly pursuing investigation on Haneul’s case.
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