Another Alleged ‘Kung Fu Master’ Suffers Humiliating 7-Second Defeat Against Boxer

Another video of an alleged martial artist master from China being pummeled in humiliating fashion has emerged online. This time, a boxer brought the beatdown against a man who is reportedly a master of the legendary Wudang style of kung fu.

Last month, a mixed martial arts fighter infamously defeated a supposed Tai Chi “master” in just 10 seconds. The video split netizens’ opinion on the incident with many criticizing the MMA fighter’s cockiness, while others praised him for exposing the “frauds” in martial arts.

In a new clip which began making the rounds on Chinese social media, another martial arts “master” was humiliated in a 7-second round:

According to Shanghaiist, the shirtless boxer defeated a man who claimed to be a master of the kung fu Wudang style.

In the short footage, the “master” can be seen landing two punches into the boxer’s gloves at the beginning of the match. Shortly after, he got pummeled by the boxer with a barrage of punches, sending him to the floor within seven seconds.

Although not many details were revealed in the report (along with the fact that the claim of the man actually being a Wudang practitioner is not clearly established), the video may incite further discussion over the growing criticisms against traditional Chinese martial arts effectivity in combat

Here’s an actual Wudang master at work:

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