Anonymous visitor to Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum leaves a special gift for Totoro at the ticket booth

totoro ghibli museum
  • A special gift was left behind for the ticket booth “employee” Totoro at Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum.
  • The Ghibli Museum posted to its official Twitter page to share photos of the gift on Wednesday.
  • The visitor, whose identity is unknown, secretly left four little acorns wrapped inside a bundle of leaves, similar to the bundle that the fictional character Totoro gives Mei and Satsuki in the Studio Ghibli animated film “My Neighbor Totoro.”.
  • Japanese Twitter users expressed their delight by flooding the comments section with “Suteki!” meaning “Lovely!” in Japanese.

An anonymous visitor to Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum awarded the ticket booth “employee” Totoro for his hard work with a secret gift of four little acorns wrapped in a bundle of leaves.

When entering the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, visitors are greeted by a giant plush Totoro sitting behind the ticket booth. 

On Wednesday, the Ghibli Museum tweeted that an unknown visitor had secretly left behind a surprise gift for Totoro at the ticket booth. 

The special gift was revealed to be four acorns neatly wrapped in leaves, the same gift that the titular character from the film “My Neighbor Totoro ” gives characters Mei and Satsuki. 

Many Japanese Twitter users commented “Suteki!”, which translates to “Lovely!” in Japanese, and expressed their delight. 

One user commented, “I wish the whole world could be made up of kindness like this,” while another wrote, “So many positive feelings here,” reported SoraNews24.


Feature Image via Always, Ros

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