Gorgeous Japanese AV Star Has a Beautiful Secret

Gorgeous Japanese AV Star Has a Beautiful Secret
Ryan General
August 4, 2017
Anna Tsukishima is one of the many fast-rising stars of the Japanese AV industry.
After being featured in numerous productions, she has ventured on to star in her own solo outing via MIGD-776 last month, cementing her status as a full-fledged Japanese AV celebrity.
With her pretty face and killer figure, she has amassed a significant number of fans and a growing social media following shortly after her solo debut.
She’s reportedly a mixed race who’s part Japanese, Russian and American, but not much is known about the profile of the busty adult movie star in Western media.
She recently caught the attention of the internet when multiple screenshots of her movies were shared on social media websites and instantly went viral. 
It then became more apparent that it’s not just her gorgeous looks that made her one of Japan’s most special AV idols.
Her leaked photos reveal something that really “stands out,” making her quite unique from the other popular idols in the country. 
You see, despite Ms. Tsukishima’s very feminine physique, she was not born a female. She is actually a trans woman with male genitalia and female secondary sex characteristics.
In fact, in her debut,  she was touted as “the most beautiful shemale in the history of AV!”.  
And there you have it.
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