Ann Curry is Probably Drinking a Tea Made of Matt Lauer’s Tears Right Now and Twitter is Here for It

What a hell of a morning to wake up to — Disney announced that they chose their Mulan (hint: it’s good news) and then NBC announced they’d fired Matt Lauer over allegations of sexual misconduct.


Speaking of Twitter, netizens wasted no effort in tweeting their support for Ann Curry, who had been fired from NBC with Lauer possibly lending a hand in that decision, despite his ratings being worse than hers as he was “less appealing to viewers”.


While we wait for more incriminating evidence of Lauer’s sordid history with buckets and buckets of popcorn, here’s a roundup of the best #TeamCurry tweets to satiate that inner-petty appetite.

What do you think Ann Curry is doing right now? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image via Twitter / (Left): cookiemonsterm8 | (Right): DeebsFTL

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