Anime Artist Teases Possible Louis Vuitton Collaboration With Viral Tweet

Anime Artist Teases Possible Louis Vuitton Collaboration With Viral Tweet
Carl Samson
December 3, 2018
A mysterious Louis Vuitton bag hand-painted with a mobile game character has gone viral on the Japanese internet.
The image comes from Twitter user @hagitcho, a professional illustrator who has created characters for novels and games such as “Fate/Apocrypha” and “Fate/Grand Order.”
The bag appears to be a briefcase similar to the Alzer 80 Anglais Monogram, but the exact model is unconfirmed. 
Based on @hagitcho’s caption, netizens believe that the painter is a talented female Louis Vuitton employee.
Taihou. Image via Yostar
The unidentified painter replicates Taihou, an aircraft carrier from Chinese mobile game “Azur Lane.”
“I had the fantastic opportunity to watch this remarkable Louis Vuitton piece in action. I didn’t expect her to paint in analog!” SoraNews24 quoted @hagitcho as writing. “I’m not sure of the details, but it seems to be an official project. Magnificent!”
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The image has gained over 20,000 likes since its posting, leaving Japanese users thrilled about the mysterious collaboration. Given its exclusivity, many suspect that it will sell for an amount heftier than usual.
Netizens commented:
“Great… (No more words to come).”
“I look forward to a live broadcasting.”
“It is Louis Vuitton in Ginza. I want to see both the production process and the finished product.”
“The quality is just too high!”
“It’s an official case! How much does it cost?”
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