Anime Fans Are Gathering on the Streets to ‘Scream Like Goku’

Anime Fans Are Gathering on the Streets to ‘Scream Like Goku’Anime Fans Are Gathering on the Streets to ‘Scream Like Goku’
A new fad for anime fans reportedly emerged a few days after the “Naruto Run” event. Instead of running like a ninja, this time people try to imitate Son Goku’s pre-power up meditation, a.k.a screaming.
Several Facebook events for “Scream Like Goku” have already been planned around the world. Three gatherings are expected in the United States this week: Market Square Park in Houston, Texas; Rosa Parks Circle at Grand Rapids, Michigan; and LA Fitness on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.
The Texas and Michigan events are scheduled for September 9, while the LA Fitness “Scream Like Goku” event will kick off a day earlier.
To get a pretty clear idea on how this event looks like in person, a fan recently posted a short clip of the gathering that happened in Washington Square in New York City, The Mary Sue reported. It showed a couple of groups of people hanging out together and screaming just like the main protagonist of the hit series “Dragon Ball Super.”
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Unfortunately, none of them transformed into a Super Saiyan — or even the much anticipated Silver Eye Super Saiyan God form. They all had fun, though, which is the main reason why people come to the event, besides meeting other new fans of “Dragon Ball Super” or just “Dragon Ball” in general.

Featured Image via YouTube / Tyler Doster (Left), Facebook / Dan Burkhardt (Right)
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