‘Is it wrong that I like anything?’: Anime fan in China says she was interrogated by police for wearing kimono

‘Is it wrong that I like anything?’: Anime fan in China says she was interrogated by police for wearing kimono
Rebecca Moon
August 15, 2022
A woman in China claims that she was detained and interrogated by police after they spotted her wearing a white kimono while taking photos in Suzhou, China. 
The woman posted about the alleged incident on Weibo. She had cosplayed as the main character from the Japanese manga series “Summer Time Rendering,” for which she wore a white kimono with flowers and a long, blonde wig.
On Wednesday evening, while waiting in line for a snack with her photographer, the two were suddenly surrounded by police officers in Huaihai street, a food strip popular for Japanese bars and restaurants, according to the woman.
In a video that purportedly shows her encounter with officers, an officer shouts at the woman, questioning her identity. 
“If you come here wearing Hanfu, I wouldn’t say this. But you are wearing a kimono, as a Chinese person. You are a Chinese! Are you?” the officer shouts at the woman. 
She then calmly asks why she is being surrounded by officers. 
“On suspicion of picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” the officer responds. 
The woman is then escorted by police. 
According to the Weibo post, the woman explained that she was interrogated for approximately five hours until 1 a.m. During this time, she stated that her phone was allegedly searched while her photos were deleted and her kimono was confiscated. In addition, she was “educated” by officers and warned not to talk about her experience on the internet. 
The woman stated that police instructed her to write a 500-word letter of self-criticism and reflection.
“I feel like I have no dignity right now,” the woman wrote on a Qzone post Friday. “The police said what I did was wrong. I feel powerless… I like Japanese culture, European culture and I also like traditional Chinese culture. I like multiculturalism, I like watching anime, is it wrong that I like anything?”
Some Weibo users supported the woman while others criticized her for wearing a kimono.
“That policeman is abusing his power and must be dealt with,” one user wrote.
“We have no reason to choose forgiveness for our ancestors. Well done Chinese police!” another user commented.
The video has garnered over 8.7 million views and 497,000 likes since being uploaded on Monday.
Featured Image via Weibo
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