Utah Man Totally Nails Proposal in ‘Animal Crossing’ During Lockdown

Utah Man Totally Nails Proposal in ‘Animal Crossing’ During Lockdown

June 22, 2020
Stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a man in Utah used the wildly popular Nintendo game “Animal Crossing” to successfully propose to his girlfriend.
Lockdowns due to COVID-19 prevented Quan Le from fulfilling his grand plans of proposing to his girlfriend, Morgan Reynolds.
Le had initially thought of a romantic trip to Italy this May but since the plan did not work out, he had to find an alternative.
Using the Nintendo game “Animal Crossing,” he was able to still make the event special.
Le shared a video clip of his unique proposal on Facebook, which has since been widely shared by others.
In the footage, Le and Reynolds are seen playing the game together, with their in-game characters roaming around a virtual island.
Le’s avatar is then shown presenting a box to Reynolds’ avatar. When Reynolds started opening the digital gift in the game, in real life, Le got down on one knee.
“Will you marry me?” Le asked.
Touched by the unexpected gesture, Reynolds first covered her face before she was seen nodding and then kissing Le.
According to Le, the video was taken on May 9 and shared online on June 14. Le revealed that Reynolds’ whole family was watching the stream to share the special moment with their loved ones virtually.
Aside from the Italy trip, Le had other ideas to propose to his now-fiancée, Global News reports.
In an interview with Storyful, Le said he “tried to plan restaurants, hikes and have a pretend housewarming to spring the proposal. But we had stay-at-home orders and restaurants temporarily closed.”
“So that’s when this idea popped up as my plan F. I spent a month sourcing and setting up the island for the one proposal.”
Le’s post has since received thousands of reactions and shares, with many of the comments cheering for the couple on Facebook.
“That’s so sweet~ congratulations to both of you💖,” a commenter wrote.
“Even though your travel plans were cancelled, this was still very thoughtful 😭 So freaking adorable,” another one said. “Congratulations to you both!!! Gamer goals 😌💕”
Feature Image via Quan Le, (right) via @quandotle
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