The café pigeon ‘Animal Crossing’ fans all know and love is coming back to the series

The café pigeon ‘Animal Crossing’ fans all know and love is coming back to the series
Bianca Gray
September 24, 2021
Brewster, a much-loved character from the “Animal Crossing” video game series, was confirmed to be returning to the Switch entry in the series during the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation.  
“Coo”: The coffee-loving pigeon, who first appeared in the video game “Animal Crossing: Wild World” for the Nintendo DS in 2005, has been confirmed by Nintendo to reappear in the newest content update for the Switch’s “Animal Crossing New Horizons,” according to Polygon
  • While the presentation didn’t give away much information, a video played at the event showed an unidentified room that fans recognized as Brewster’s café “The Roost.” A message laid over the room read: “More details on new content! Airing in October.” 
  • The teaser video also showed a player character walking through the museum to a sign that read “The Roost,” which led many to speculate that the café will be a part of the museum, like in “Wild World.” 
  • The game was released in 2020 and has been updated periodically throughout the past year. Brewster is expected to come to the game in the November update. 
“You know the price: 200 bells”: “Animal Crossing” fans have been asking for the fan-favorite to return since “New Horizon’s” release. 
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  • The shy pigeon is one of only two characters that is not a villager that the player can gradually befriend, with the seamstress hedgehog Sable being the other. 
  • Some fans have speculated on whether  the newest version of Brewster and his café will be similar to the one contained in the “New Leaf” version of the game. 
  • In “New Leaf,” once the player develops a close relationship with Brewster, they are able to work “part-time” at the café and can get takeout coffee. 
  • Many are focusing on the “house” symbol on “The Roost” sign from the teaser and trying to dissect what the symbol might mean. Some believe players will be able to deliver coffee to their villagers on their island. 
  • In any case, “Animal Crossing” lovers are ecstatic about the confirmation and are wondering if other fan-favorite NPCs will eventually come back to the franchise. 
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