Crazy Woman Bites Macy’s Employee Over The Price of a Michael Kors Bag

A Bay Area woman was apparently so upset over the price of a Michael Kors bag at a Newark Macy’s that she threw an epic tantrum, biting and scratching a Macy’s employee in the process.

On Thursday, 42-year-old Anh Nguyen was shopping at the NewPark Mall Macy’s when, presumably in a Gollum-like fashion, she laid her eyes on a most precious handbag crafted by Michael Kors. But upon seeing how much the bag actually cost (the actual price and bag remains unknown), she threw a monstrous fit and reportedly began yelling and screaming profanities at store employees, eventually throwing herself onto the floor.

When Macy’s called their loss prevention team to escort Ms. Nguyen from the store, she reportedly bit one of the officers in the leg and scratched him. Blood was drawn, but the employee was treated at the department store via a handy first-aid kit.

Nguyen was arrested by Newark police on charges of assault and battery and currently resides in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin — until the fateful day she is released to find her precious Michael Kors bag once again.

Source: NBC Los Angeles
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