Angry Customer Throws Poop at Barber Shop Every Day After Bad Haircut in China

One unsatisfied haircut customer in Dezhou, China opted to punish his barber by throwing a bag of feces at his shop every day until the barber couldn’t stand it anymore.

When the barber decided he’d had enough of the angry customers crap, he called the police. According to Shanghaiist, the police were able to track the Chinese man down with the help of surveillance footage.

Surveillance video shows the angry customer’s dedication as he regularly passed by the barbershop on his motorcycle while dropping his dung-filled goods. However, the Chinese man’s dedication led the police to slap him with a 500 yuan ($74.37) fine.

In addition, the unsatisfied customer also received nine days of detention for his mischievous behavior. 

As for the barber, it is safe to say that he will no longer be receiving unwanted gift deposits from his grudge-filled customer, for the time being at least. Although it is also highly likely that he will be more careful in cutting the hair of his next customer from now on.

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