Angry Chinese Groom Violently Drags His Bride Out of Wedding Car Over Money

Angry Chinese Groom Violently Drags His Bride Out of Wedding Car Over Money
Carl Samson
June 14, 2017
A groom in China forcefully dragged his bride out of their wedding car over a money dispute, shocking anyone who ever thought his wedding would be a day of celebration.
The couple tied the knot on January 17 in the town of Anyue in Ziyang City, Sichuan Province.
The footage, shared by Xingzhi Media on June 9, shows guests standing around the car when the groom violently pulled the bride our of the car.
Chinese netizens speculated that the groom became furious after the bride demanded money from the groom, or that the groom changed his mind on the sizable dowry he paid as a wedding gift. Some even reported that the groom became angry after he learned the bride had sex with her ex-boyfriend before the wedding and even had illegitimate children with him that the groom didn’t know about.
But in an interview with the Chengdu Evening Post, the groom, identified as Mr. Li, clarified that the reason for his anger was that the driver of the car repeatedly asked for red packets, commonly given as monetary gifts for important celebrations.
He told reporters (via Daily Mail):
“It was because of the chauffeur of the wedding car. He stopped the car a few times on a 10-minute journey and asked for red packets. Every time the car stopped, we were surrounded by guests [who also wanted money] and we had given away all the red packets.”
The nagging delayed the 10-minute trip to almost two hours, and apparently, Mr. Li had a reason to be angry. Still, he did not explain why he dragged his bride inconsiderately.
A bridesmaid, identified as Xiaoli, confirmed that the coupe had been angry with the driver, however her reason for his anger was peculiarly different.
She told reporters:
“The groom got angry because the wedding car drove to the bride’s house without him when he was still changing clothes.”
Despite the disturbing footage, the couple reportedly went on with their wedding without another problem.
Check out the scene below:
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