Racist Couple Caught on Camera Telling Filipino Man to Go Back to ‘Filipinoville’

An LGBT couple was recently caught on camera discriminating a Filipino man in a supermarket chain in the United States for burping.

Angelo Cabuang shared the clip on his Twitter account on Sunday, showing the racist LGBT couple having an argument with him and his mother. “I literally burped at Save Mart and a racist couple reacted by calling us pigs and telling us to go back to Filipinoville,” Cabuang wrote on his social media post.

The incident happened on a Save Mart branch on Quail Lakes Drive in Stockton, California.

One commenter on the thread shared his opinion on the matter and said this wouldn’t have happened if Angelo said “excuse me” after burping. “I wasn’t given the chance to say ‘excuse me’ and she shouldn’t have made rude/racist remarks over a simple burp,” Cabuang said in his defense.

Many users on Twitter have shared their support for Cabuang over the incident. One user who is also an employee there (the name has been redacted), messaged the man and told him that he/she was enraged by what happened.

Image via Twitter / @AngeloCabuang

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