Angelababy Painting Fetches $26,000 at Charity Auction, Baffles the Internet

Hong Kong actress Angelababy received massive backlash from netizens over the painting she put up for auction at a charity event last April.

The painting, which the 27-year-old star dubbed “Future”, featured a pink sky backdrop with a spaceship and a few birds. It fetched a handsome 180,000 yuan ($26,150) at the Teach For China’s charity auction, AsiaOne reported.

In a video introduction, Angelababy described her artwork as a representation of her hopes and aspirations when she was younger.

Her more popular painting, “Unicorn”, was also put up for auction.

However, when images of “Future” surfaced online, social media users were quick to criticize it, with many calling her art piece “unworthy” and “a disgrace to art”. Some expressed that the actress’ fame may have increased the value of her otherwise amateur artwork.

“Although I like Angelababy, (her amateur painting) makes me feel that I’ve attended art classes for nothing,” a netizen was quoted as saying.

Despite the negative reaction, the actress still urged her fans to continue supporting her charity work.

Angelababy, whose real name is Yang Ying, is a multi-talented artist who is famous for being a commercial model, a very good singer and, recently, an international actress.

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