Viral Photo of Angelababy’s Assistant Allegedly Kneeling to Take Her Shoes Off Draws Outrage

A few photos allegedly showing Angelababy’s assistant kneeling on the floor to take her shoes off in public are now circulating on Chinese social media and causing much controversy.

The pictures, which are shared on China’s Twitter-like Weibo, shows a woman wearing a black suit kneeling on the ground as she takes off another woman’s boots and socks off and replacing it with a pair of heels.

In the first couple of pictures, it’s impossible to distinguish who the person is, but in the third picture, reports believe that the woman is Angelababy, according to AsiaOne.

A few netizens couldn’t help but express envy towards the 29-year-old Chinese actress and model. Some wrote: “She’s not that great but she put on airs”; “It’s so nice to be a star”; “She didn’t even need to bend over.”

There are some who are more worried if the assistant is getting paid enough money to do something like this. “How much is her assistant getting paid to do this?” a netizen wrote.

But there are comments accusing Angelababy for suffering from “princess syndrome,” a term that is often used to describe entitled women from Hong Kong.

And finally, some netizens tried to make reason out of the pictures, explaining that she could be in a film set where an assistant is needed most of the time to change her without ruining her hair or even her clothes.

Regardless of the reason behind it, reports are still unsure where and when the pictures were taken.

Images Weibo via AsiaOne, (middle) via Instagram / angelababyct

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