Woman Cancels $42,000 Wedding, Turns it Into a Happy Ending for Charity

Woman Cancels $42,000 Wedding, Turns it Into a Happy Ending for Charity
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
March 13, 2017
A 24-year-old woman in Sydney called off her wedding three months before the day to turn her $42,000 reception into a charity ball for women.
Angela Tan was looking forward to her April 8 wedding until she realized that her fiancé was not the right man. They were together for eight years and got engaged in 2015.
Things between the couple did not always work. It was October last year when Angela decided to bring her unhappiness to the table and talk it out with her fiancé. She told Daily Mail:
“Things weren’t right. He wanted kids now, I didn’t. I wanted to travel, he wanted to save money. He wanted to go back and work in Asia, I didn’t.
“When you’re in a relationship you kind of pay lip service to these ideas, but you don’t place huge importance on it. When you’re engaged, these things become absolutely crucial.”
Angela’s fiancé agreed on their situation. They decided to put the wedding on hold to see if things would perhaps turn better.
Unfortunately, things did not change. The couple broke up on Christmas.
“My heart was breaking, things were unraveling and I didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until one of my colleagues said perhaps rather than lose the money we’d put into the wedding, I should host a charity event,” Angela said.
Angela and her ex-fiancé started saving money since their engagement. Overall, they spent around AUD $55,000 ($41,680) in wedding preparations.
Now, Angela’s supposed wedding venue will host a charity ball called “Something Borrowed.” It expects to raise funds for Opportunity International Australia, an organization that lends small entrepreneurial capital for women in developing countries. She will host the event alongside colleague Bec Badcock.
“I know I could have forgotten about April 8 and slept through it, I thought if I could do something that could help other people, it would be more worthwhile,” Angela said.
Angela’s ex-fiancé supports the idea, and while she certainly went through what she calls “obviously sh*t,” she’s determined to move on.
“I’ve decided to choose me for the next couple of years. I spent a third of my life with someone, and I want to find out about myself on my own for a bit now.”
For more information on “Something Borrowed,” head over to the website here.
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