NYT Reporter Warns Conservative Writer Andy Ngo is a ‘Real Threat’, Should Be Censored on Twitter

NYT Reporter Warns Conservative Writer Andy Ngo is a ‘Real Threat’, Should Be Censored on TwitterNYT Reporter Warns Conservative Writer Andy Ngo is a ‘Real Threat’, Should Be Censored on Twitter
Sarah Jeong, the New York Times reporter who made headlines in 2018 for antagonizing white people, has branded conservative journalist Andy Ngo “dangerous” and called for his censorship on Twitter.
In a tweet posted on Jan. 9, Jeong cited a thread from Donovan Farley, another journalist who claimed that Ngo repeatedly “willfully deceives his followers into a frenzy that results in death and rape threats” for journalists and “anyone else” supposedly targeted by his “scorn.”
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Farley, who labeled Ngo a “propagandist,” included screenshots of supposed conversations between anonymous internet users who mention Ngo. It’s unclear whether the conservative journalist has any actual connection with them.
“Few on this platform have purposefully trafficked in deceit that results in violence to the degree Ngo has,” Farley claimed. “He knowingly collaborates with neo-fascists and knowingly helps them spread dangerous disinformation that riles up his large audience. @MrAndyNgo knows full well his followers engage in repugnant harassment of anyone he mentions yet he never rebukes their behavior.”
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Farley went on to characterize Ngo as the type of propagandist “responsible” for the Capitol seige. They also pointed out that Ngo’s verification mark “endangers countless Americans.”
“These are the actions of a propagandist, @TwitterSafety, the type of propagandist responsible for yesterday’s insurrection. Outside of Donald Trump’s circle, it’s difficult to think of an American who has done more harm with their Twitter account these last four years than Andy Ngo,” Farley noted.
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Ngo made headlines in mid-2019 after getting viciously attacked by Antifa at a protest in Portland, Oregon. Videos show rioters throwing eggs, pepper spray, bear spray and milkshakes at him.
Ngo, who was rushed bloodied to the hospital, suffered a “brain bleed” from the attack. He quit his job at the online magazine Quillette after sustaining the injury.
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In her own thread, Jeong explained that she had never brought up Ngo’s name in the past due to the latter’s alleged tendency to tie someone to “radical antifa.” She also described Ngo as “a very real threat to our neighbors.”
“The only reason I have not brought up Andy Ngo in the past is that after the whole thing where people were sending me nonstop death threats and rape threats and the MAGA bomber threatened me on Twitter, I have a low appetite for scrapping with right wing provocateurs on Twitter, especially one whose entire MO is to post your name, your mugshot, your place of work and tie you to ‘radical antifa’ if you’re arrested — even if while working as a journalist or legal observer — at a protest,” Jeong wrote.
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“Ngo is dangerous. The chilling effects of his intentional misframing and misreporting are well-known in this city. If he puts your face out there, people — dressed exactly like the people who stormed the Capitol — show up at your house.”
Jeong concluded her support for Ngo’s censorship by stating that journalists like Farley “have had to live in fear” due to his actions.
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Calls for conservative censorship have skyrocketed after Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump. This led to a massive exodus of conservatives on alternative social media platforms, primarily Nevada-based Parler, which is also fighting against big tech censorship.
Ngo appears to ignore the latest wave of accusations and calls for his censorship. He only tweeted an article on the subject from the Post Millennial, where he is editor-at-large.
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