Conservative Journalist Suffers ‘Brain Bleed’ After Attack at Protest

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo reportedly landed in the hospital after being attacked by a group of left-wing protestors at a protest in Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

Ngo, an editor at Quilette, was covering protests against the Western-chauvinist group Proud Boys, which is known for starting street fights, according to The Independent.

A counter-demonstration was organized by Rose City Antifa, which claimed that the Proud Boys were “planning to invade downtown Portland, looking for targets for violent attacks.”

Videos show Ngo was attacked by protestors who covered him in eggs, pepper and bear spray as well as milkshakes that the Portland Police Bureau later said may have contained quick-dry cement. This claim, however, was based on one officer’s assumption instead of the truth, the Portland Mercury noted.

Ngo, who is openly gay and the son of Vietnamese immigrants, was taken to a hospital after he sustained several lacerations and bruises on his neck and face.

“Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance. If you have evidence Of attack please help,” Ngo live-tweeted.

His lawyers said he also suffered a “brain bleed” as a result of the attacks, but was released from the hospital on Sunday night, according to a GoFundMe page created by conservative blogger Michelle Malkin to pay for his medical bills and get back his missing equipment. The page has raised more than $150,000 as of this writing, surpassing its $50,000 goal.

The attack was condemned by notable reporters.

2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang voiced his support for Ngo.

Ngo’s writing, however, has been controversial after an opinion piece he wrote for the Wall Street Journal last year, titled “A visit to Islamic England,” was heavily criticized for being racist and Islamophobic.

An article Ngo wrote for the New York Post earlier this year alleged hate crimes against gay and transgender people across Portland as “hoaxes,” OregonLive reported.

Charlotte Clymer, who is transgender and works as a press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, tweeted about the recent attacks:

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