Andrew Yang Wants to Use Hologram Technology for Simultaneous Rallies

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang just thought of how to make his rally campaign more efficient – and high-tech – by incorporating the 3D hologram tech similar to the Tupac concert of 2012.

Yang, while speaking to TMZ Live, showed a clip where he demonstrated the hologram technology that he plans on using for his campaign rally across the country.

The demonstration, which uses the ever-famous Tupac hologram concert that appeared at Coachella in 2012, is going to be used as part of his campaign to simultaneously hold rallies in two to three places at the same time.

So this is just me demoing the hologram technology and of course if you’re going to demo the hologram technology then you need to give it a whirl and so that’s how this duet took place,” the 44-year-old entrepreneur politician told TMZ Live.

Typically, people would rip a good one at anyone – especially a political figure – who uses Tupac in any way. But people seem to take what Yang did in a positive light, according to Engadget.

There are those who couldn’t help but drop a “Star Wars” reference because why the hell not.

With this campaign strategy, Yang could save up a considerable amount of money for his campaign as he would only need to show up at a studio to beam his hologram self into three or even more rallies taking place simultaneously all over the United States.

Featured image (left) screenshot via Twitter / AndrewYang, (right) via Instagram / andrewyang2020

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