Andrew Yang Receives Backlash After Tweeting in Support of Israel

Andrew Yang

New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is facing backlash from social media users after posting a tweet on Monday that appears to be pro-Israel.

What happened: The former 2020 presidential candidate tweeted on Monday that he is “standing with the people of Israel” and “condemn[s] the Hamas terrorists” amid the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

  • The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians escalated due in part to “heavy-handed Israeli policing of Palestinians during Ramadan and controversial efforts in the Israeli courts to evict Palestinians from their homes,” BBC reported.
  • On May 10, violence broke out between Israeli forces and Hamas, according to AP News
  • Hamas has seized control of Gaza since 2007, and the recent attacks have been the “most intense fighting” between Israel and Hamas since 2014. 
  • Israel and Hamas have been launching a series of airstrikes and rocket attacks against each other since Monday night, resulting in at least 28 Palestinian deaths so far.

Reactions to the tweet: Business Insider noted that while Yang’s words “earned him praise from Republicans,” several people found his tweet “distasteful.” 

  • Ted Cruz, Meghan McCain, and former President Donald Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller all tweeted in approval of Yang’s statement. 
  • The hashtag #YangSupportsGenocide started trending on Twitter overnight.
  • Henry Golding, Eddie Huang and Bishop Talbert Swan were among the many people who condemned Yang’s words. The New York mayoral candidate has since lost support from several fellow liberals.

NextShark has reached out to Yang’s mayoral campaign staff for further comment and will update this article accordingly.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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