Why Trump’s Former Photographer Says Andrew Yang is an ‘Embarrassment’ to Chinese Americans

Why Trump’s Former Photographer Says Andrew Yang is an ‘Embarrassment’ to Chinese AmericansWhy Trump’s Former Photographer Says Andrew Yang is an ‘Embarrassment’ to Chinese Americans
Carl Samson
April 23, 2019
A photographer who worked for Donald Trump’s campaign has called Andrew Yang an “embarrassment” to Chinese Americans.
Gene Ho, who labeled Yang a socialist, went on to suggest that the Democratic candidate move to China, where his social credit score would be “very excellent.”
“Yang is not an inspiration to the Americans who [have] Chinese descent,” Ho, a second-generation Chinese American, told The Epoch Times.
“He should move to China. Andrew Yang should have a very excellent social credit score in China.”
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Ho first met Trump at a Tea Party event in January 2015, where he had taken his photos before sending them to his campaign team.
Trump reportedly loved his work, and after a few more shots — including showing up at another event without invitation —  he snagged a position in the GOP candidate’s campaign.
Like Ho, Yang is a second-generation Chinese American. However, the photographer believes that his “socialist” policies only push for “more government.”
“[Yang] is an embarrassment to me and embarrassment to the people of Chinese descent living in America,” Ho told The Epoch Times. “The American people need to know that Andrew Yang does not stand up for us, the Chinese people living in America.”
Yang, among the earliest Democrats to announce his bid, decided to run for president because Trump was elected.
“I found that to be a major red flag about the direction of our country,” he told CNBC in March. “I see him as an emblem to the accelerating disintegration of our way of life.”
Last week, Yang positioned himself as the opposite of Trump, explaining to the Lincoln Memorial crowd that such a person would be “an Asian man who likes math,” Business Insider reported.
As an alternative approach to the president’s “MAGA,” Yang’s “MATH” stands for “Make America Think Harder.”
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Ho, however, is not buying Yang’s policies. He also likened the candidate’s proposal of Digital Social Credits to China’s controversial social credit system, which scores citizens based on socio-legal behaviors.
“If [Yang] wants that, he can move to China,” Ho said. “We want freedom of religion; we don’t want [a] social credit score.”
Featured Images via Twitter / @GeneHoPhoto (Left) and @AndrewYang (Right)
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